Sunday, October 23, 2016

16 days to go until the landslide buries republicans (#2823)

     Republicans have had their 15 minutes in the spotlight and they have come up wanting. Instead of working to help the poor and middle class in our nation they have chosen instead to serve only the wealthy. Every policy they have enlisted is a giveaway to the large corporations and the wealthiest Americans. It is appalling that they are so brazen now in their contempt for the rest of us and still expect our vote. Not only do republicans choose to do nothing to help the struggle we poor and middle class face every moment in our lives but they believe we are too ignorant to recognize it. They believe that our minds are not able to understand that doing nothing for us is bad. Their arrogance and condescension toward the majority of we Americans is blatant and demeaning.
    For this they will pay at the voting booth this coming national election on November 8th. Their inability to be inclusive thinkers who regard our species above the interplay of greed and selfishness is not going to be tolerated any further thus the voting outcome landslide that is going to land hard on their heads. They will be thrown from significant power and their lack of empathy toward the many of us will no longer be a hindrance toward the push for modernity that the many of us need so badly. Modernity will give us equality of opportunity along with justice and fairness in treating each human being with respect without prejudice.
     I for one have been waiting for this moment since I was a child and our hopes and dreams were dashed by assassin's bullets. The era for respecting human dignity above those of privilege and advantage is upon us and in 16 days will come to a fruition that has been elusive heretofore. I have no respect for those who would continue to vote for republicans because they are afraid or want to protect their unfair advantages. They need to know that the many of us are not ignorant nor are we willing to continue to be played as fools. The time is now and it is a welcoming worthy of the ages.

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