Sunday, October 30, 2016

9 days left (#2830)

     If you are like me you check FiveThirtyEight several times a day to see the latest averages of polls in the Presidential and Senate national races, It is by far the best website for attaining up to the moment comprehensive numbers for all the important races involving the Senate and President. I do this because it helps me to understand how the races are shaping up and what the mood of our nation is. I don't get my complete analysis from this site as I use other sources but this one is my main source for projections. I suppose I will miss all this extra curricular activity when these 9 days are up but what I will be more satisfied with our Democratic wave that will sweep more power to the people.
     That is what will happen when more Democrats are elected to Congress. I have no doubt now that our next president will be Hillary Clinton but what is still debatable to me anyways is how many Senate seats we will end up with for the new Democratic majority there. It may be as many as 54 or more likely around 52 however that is still well and good. The House is another matter. The Republicans have built in advantages since they gerrymandered the districts during their control in 2010. Every 10 years the census comes out which allows for redrawing of districts based upon population.
     Republicans took advantage of the census of 2010 to draw their districts in ways that make it very difficult for voters to vote them out. This is how that works: So any inroads into cutting into the Republican advantage for control of the House would be welcome. We Democrats probably will not take the House but if the Democratic landslide occurs, which I am counting on, the House may not be impossible to take. 9 days and we will know.

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