Monday, October 17, 2016

Again, generally, we all live from our hearts (#2817)

     When I say generally I am excluding those who have psychological/sociological disorders that prevent them from any empathetic self experience. There are many of those among us based upon the behavior that has come about due to our national elections. They all seem to congregate in the republican party for what that is worth. If anything those who have too much empathy all seem to congregate in the democratic party. Each party therefore has it's extremes however I would posit that having too much empathy is hardly a deficient mental disorder. In fact it is a quality that needs to be admired and followed more by the many rest of us.
     So we have two very distinct political party affiliations to vie for our votes. One has a degree of resentment and division built within it that it could hardly be confused with the other. Republicanism is now directly linked to those who would cause harm if not for civilized structures we have passed into our laws. Even then those laws are being bandied about as just obstacles to be overcome by them. A misguided anger directed at those who are mightily trying to improve our society for all is the undercurrent within the republican party. they want no such attempts at equality and instead are being programmed by an inappropriate sense of greater worth for themselves and limited for others.
     On the other hand we have the democratic party that is working to not only save our planet from the devastating effects of man made climate change, but are working to bring equality of opportunity to all our citizens devoid of privilege and advantage. Now we know it is hard work and will take some time but we are not ignoring or trying to maintain these problems like republicans are. Our hearts are where we live and if we are not living from our hearts then we have sold or given of ourselves to something that does not represent the nature of our species. human being.

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