Sunday, October 9, 2016

Christianity is devolving in the republican world (#2809)

     Instead of evolving into a force for goodness and mercy, Christianity is devolving into a paradigm where the greedy and selfish are heralded as the correct example. Gone is the story of the Christ who gave of himself so that others could get better and in his place is an idol who promotes himself and discounts others. It is strategic that republicans would devolve Christianity since it is a way to present the illusion that their survival of the fittest vision is a Godly one. Where if one doesn't measure up one is not worthy of life itself. There is no mention though of what effect privilege and advantage do to many who don't have it but that isn't part of the republican calculus.
     The way republicans see it if you are not willing to lie, cheat and steal to get your fortune, no matter who you harm along the way, then you are not what they consider a "good" Christian. The republican Jesus is one who finds a way to support himself at any cost. He only admits those into his Kingdom of Heaven who can show a bottom line profit to prove their worthiness. The ideal Jesus, the one we grew up with in the churches who would help the Samaritan while healing the sick and feeding the hungry is not valued by republicans. That Jesus is weak and enabling. Not like republicans who are willing to, metaphorically, stab most anyone in the back if it made their life easier.
     I know that last little bit was harsh but it is true in many ways. Remember, privilege and advantage are to be protected at all costs and the thought of all of us being equal at a starting point is abhorrent to the republican mindset. So now the republican ideal of Christianity is obedience and self serving behaviors, with varying degrees of permissibility allowed to those who are more worthy. A devolution of a belief system into a selfish take system, how utterly republican!

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