Thursday, October 6, 2016

Confidence comes from knowing you are right (#2806)

     How many times do I say this? Doing the right thing the right way is what is the best of who we are. When we are the best of who we are then a confidence in our thoughts and actions follow. I was thinking the other day about me and how I could have chosen to live a cavalier life vicariously without regard to circumstance or outcome. A me first philosophy and all the rest whatever. As I was thinking about that it dawned upon me that this must be what it is like for a selfish greedy person. They want it all and they want it now. Of course I realize that I am human and there are things I want and want right now. Yet somehow I am still able to pause and take note that what I want and how fast I want it isn't the highest priority.
     My highest priority is for all of us to want what we want and as fast as possible. So me being selfish only for myself isn't how I choose to live. I realize that there are many things I will never do because I have chosen to forego them in order to realize a higher ideal. Because in the final analysis, it isn't about my own superficial satisfaction that is driving my life. What is driving my life is much deeper and far more satisfying. It is an honorable nobleness of spirit and soul. I will always want to be someone whom I admire, and believe this, I am a tough critic. There are no shortcuts to that admiration. It is either real or it is phony. No middle ground.
     Now I can say that my attempts at being honorable often fall short but not because I shortchanged myself in the attempt but because forces greater than me are also in play. I strive to attain what is best about who and what I want to be. Because I know my inner strength comes from what is great about our species. I know this as a fact so the idea that I could choose to be a selfish greedy person to me is ludicrous and beneath dignity. I want my life to matter to me while I am alive and nothing less than attempting to be an honorable noble person whose confidence is rightly placed will suffice.

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