Sunday, October 16, 2016

Continuing the momentum of the democratic landslide (#2816)

     The democratic landslide is going to happen. What is still questionable is the degree to which it happens. Will it be a metaphorical rock slide or will it be on the proportion of an avalanche. Somewhere in between is my guess but with a lot of work and a never ending will to make it so, it could be closer to the avalanche scenario. It is what is needed. A cleaning out of the obstructionists at every level of government. Like on the scale of what happened in California several years ago and what just happened last year in Canada. A progressive/liberal awakening. Modernity and democracy go hand in hand and as such can only occur with a progressive/liberal government.
     Republicans have shown they have no use for modernity nor democratic principles. They have chosen to follow the scriptures of antiquity as their model for society and they have also made known that not all are equal in voting nor civil rights. This infiltration by them into our governmental powers has had the effect of dividing us and keeping us from becoming more enlightened. So the importance of this coming election cannot be over estimated. Republicans have exposed themselves to the public and are counting on the worst of our natures to support them. This is why the current trend against them is building because most of we are not the worst of ourselves, we are better than that.
     It is satisfying to know that many of us are aligned against republicans and plan on voting for no one else on the ballot except democrats. The awakening is here and with 23 days left in this election, it is crucial to bring as many with us as is possible. So that the rock slide we have going as momentum to victory becomes an actual avalanche which will wipe out previously elected republican politicians and bring forth a new energy of democrats who are dedicated to uphold not only principles of democracy but to advance modernity in all it's practical and acceptable forms. Our time is now and in 23 days we will know on election night just how powerful our sweep through the nation will occur.

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