Friday, October 7, 2016

Intelligence is winning out over ignorance (#2807)

     This presidential election is giving me the evidence I see. It took a little bit for people to see what is really going on here but they are now making it known that they are choosing compassionate intelligence over the ignorant hatred of others. It was touch and go there for a bit and I wasn't sure which way we would end up exposing about ourselves but now that the media cannot control all the exposure to the particular candidates we have found our way back to sanity. I for one am highly relieved. The thought of our great society reverting to it's most horrible ancient past behaviors was unthinkable.
     The republican party represents that and if I have my suspicions confirmed, the republican party will get devastated as a political party for their heinous policies and efforts. Their candidates will lose everywhere common sense has shown itself to flourish. That intelligence is still considered to be a cherished attribute soothes my somewhat less troubled soul. I am a man who believes that our compassion and curiosity are our two most positive traits and that they in the larger picture should rule how we choose to be governed. I have said here numerous times that we all are biological data processors and if you think a moment about it we are subject to intelligence, not regressive survival of the fittest modes.
     As we get closer to the election time this year of 2016, we will see a growing lead for life as an intelligent, caring and compassionate being as our role model and not some cavalier selfish soul bent on dividing what is a greatness about our country, our diversity. The ignorance of hate and greed are symptoms if immorality of thought and ethics which hopefully we can repair with greater access to education and a more enlightened and honest media service.

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