Saturday, October 22, 2016

Language as a tool (#2822)

     I have a cousin who rightly, kindly scolded me for using obscene language to make a point. She said maybe I should blog about it, I presume she meant the subject that bubbled up my ire and the language it inspired, as a way to release my "adamant" message. Yet that is not what I took from her advice, thanks anyway Maha. Instead I want to discuss how language is used as a utility to make points and convey emotional expression. Now the curse words I used were not to be taken literally, but figuratively. So in that context, I want to say that occasionally I am prone to spouting off from the gutter to make sure that there is no ambiguity on my end.
     As is usually the case I can make a point and have a discussion while never using foul language for any emphasis, yet there are times, given the audience, that foul language is exactly the vessel needed to carry a message. I come from nothing of substance and as such am very familiar with the ways of the street. However, I moved from the streets to the libraries and study halls so that I could advance my need for knowledge and understanding. The language of civilized society is much more specific and detailed as to actual meaning and that is proper and good. Yet not all understand the nuance of language and the interplay of words that can be just as devastating as a drunken sailor's angry rant.
     Yet not all understand language at the level where it is biting without being obvious, so the biting must come from the gutter if that is the means to that end. I am not above or below using words to make a point. I am much more civilized than not but make no mistake here, I am not wedded to an ideal of proper and good if it fails to achieve a necessity. Therein lies the gray between black and white. Knowing when to use the words and how to make them of value. If offending someone's sensibilities due to polite structures of society then so be it if the alternative is less than the effort to make it.

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