Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My curiosity about truth and my care for all things drives my soul (#2818)

     The two paradigms that are most insatiable in my life, other than food, water and air, are my curiosity and my care. I want to know as much as I can with the little time, relatively speaking, that I have left and I don't ever want anyone to have to feel less than human just because they are alive. I have had enough of people treating other people badly. I want to know all the truthful secrets and complexities that our existence can provide with a fervor. So sharing our goodwill and sharing our knowledge need to be our highest priority in life. Not some fancy house or some trophy relationship. The things that matter in this existence are felt by us in our souls. It is where our essence exists.
     Everything about my life centers on my curiosity and my care, everything! I have no time for wasting time or playing of irrelevant games to mark time. Time is my friend and I want to share my time as friends would share. Although my time is not all that long for me and for anyone really, I want it to be magical. Not unlike a dream, both fantastic and heartfelt. Just existing and going about the drudgery of keeping up with someone else's expectations is a waste of time. Surely we need some things in our life to secure an immediate future but they cannot be the end all that ends all. They cannot be the reason we have no quality time for anything other than some material prize.
     We all find out soon enough that our time is the valuable gift we are given and when we don't use our gift to make a difference where real positive differences need made, then we end up with regrets and remorse for our inability to understand that our souls are the purpose for our lives, not some illusion of grandeur. Life isn't about material acquisition, it is about experiencing a satisfying inner peace that can only come about by having a curious mind and caring heart.

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