Saturday, October 15, 2016

The end of republican politics (#2815)

     I had someone tell me that we needed to have republicans as a viable political party so that the two party system would stay intact. Well, after steaming for a minute I took the time to explain to them that just having a two party system without regard to what one of the parties is is indefensible. If the two party system is so valuable then both parties had better have something that everyone wants. That is not the case with republicans. They have devolved into an anti-democratic party that cherishes discord and dishonesty over science and the truth. Not only that but we here in California are building our state to be an awesome economic and socially equal society without the benefit of two parties. We are democratic dominated and nonetheless have been quite proficient at governing for all the people.
      If the two party system is so valuable to some who cannot accept what we have done here in California then I suggest a second national party can be something else besides republicans. The Green party would do as a second party to not only lead our nation toward a decrease back from global warming but further regulations that keep us clean and safe. The republicans offer nothing of value to our society as public policy. I cannot think of one conservative national policy that has been instituted to improve the lives of all Americans. The public policies that have been advanced into law have all come about through liberal/progressive philosophy.
     So the time has come to dismantle not democracy, but the group that has been working to do just that, republicans. Republicans need to be defeated in every corner of our nation where they are running for public office. Their idea of smaller government and tax breaks for the wealthy have not been shown to help anyone but the wealthy. The area where we need the most help are with the working middle poor class. This group makes up the majority of we Americans and it is time we have representatives in public office that reflect our majority. The end of the republican party is deserved and they will not be missed by me.

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