Monday, October 24, 2016

The importance of a Democratic Senate and House (#2824)

     First and foremost the Senate needs to come back to Democratic control. There are going to be Supreme Court nominations that need to be voted on and Democrats are ready to do that. The Senate also is the control over foreign treaties and if we keep republicans in control of the Senate it will be harder to get foreign nations who are instigators of turmoil to the bargaining table. The Senate is crucial this time around especially since the current Senate refuses to vote on the nomination of Judge Garland by President Barack Obama to fill the seat opened by the passing of justice Antonin Scalia. Republicans have also not voted on hundreds of judicial openings on the lower federal courts thus making our current federal court system overburdened.
     The House is another matter. Since the House solely allocates funds for most federal programs, we have for the last 6 years been at the mercy of the austerity driven republican party who would rather starve government then actually have it function efficiently. More could be said about how republicans voted against needed funding for embassy security before the Benghazi attack but I will leave that for another time. All of our social programs are in dire straights because republicans in the House prefer that social programs and regulatory organizations like the EPA and the Food and Drug Administration were eliminated. Suffice it to say, republicans want no security for our aged or for our any of our working middle class poor. While at the same time trying to eliminate necessary oversight over corporations and big businesses.
     The importance of voting for every Democrat on the ballot is crucial in that every republican who is replaced this cycle will be one less representative who can and will try to thwart the agenda of our next president, Democrat Hillary Clinton. We need to get our judges back on the bench and our treasure back to work for the American working middle poor class. The time is now and the responsibility for it is on all of us so vote straight Democratic ticket when you fill out your ballot.

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