Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The landslide is coming (#2805)

     The further we get into this presidential election the more I see the liberal landslide coming. For the life of me I cannot fathom the fear the republicans are using will sustain any momentum for their anti-democratic middle class destroying policies. As each day counts off toward November 8th, I feel much more excited about how big a margin we liberals and independents will give to the democratic party. I think about the sweep up north in Canada last year for the liberal policies that are inclusive and progressive and I imagine it here. A democratic president, a majority in the senate with a liberal majority on the supreme court and even maybe a liberal majority in the house. I can feel the momentum pulsing toward these probabilities and possibilities.
     It is still early on yet and some catastrophic event or disclosure could rattle how I am feeling about what is coming but short of some "October surprise" the landslide is coming. When even the casual citizen who doesn't get involved in politics is shown the vast differences between the candidates the odds of them moving toward the liberal cause is obvious. Republicans have shown that they are mean and nasty as a party and no one I know likes mean and nasty as a first choice. Surely there are enough out there to make noise but that is all it is, noise. Reality and truth are the bearers of witness and most all of us can see the reality and truth. Now the media is crippling logic and common sense at most every turn but even they cannot suppress simple logic when it is exposed.
     So the liberal landslide is coming and instead of being afraid that republicans will somehow pull off a miracle victory, I choose to bask in the satisfying hard work of continuing to promote liberal policies and ideals. I am enjoying the ride and sensing the extreme gratification that is permeating it's way in, through and all around our coming victory. A victory for not only liberals and independents but for the hard to convince republicans as well. They will see the mistake they are and have made and come to appreciate what this coming landslide will do for them. There will be those who will never see, but that is their choice and despite their moaning there lives will improve nonetheless.

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