Saturday, October 8, 2016

The landslide is going to happen (#2808)

     Little did I know yesterday that republican Trump would implode his own campaign with the repugnant comments from 11 years ago but it really doesn't matter what brings him down, he just can't help that he is a disgraceful privileged excuse for a human being. Now I know how juvenile men react to peer pressure and taunts of manhood but this is not that. This is a senior man who is running for president still acting like a child without a mature mind. There is no excuse nor explanation that he can be given to erase or satiate the comments he made. He is now forever a pervert in the minds of common decent folk who live their lives with a modicum of respectability.
     So what can be done now as the election approaches and early voting has already taken place. Republicans cannot look to the supreme court for any help as the court is currently ideologically split, 4-4. What other remedy can the republican party hope to materialize? If they do somehow get Trump to disqualify himself they would be stuck with the early voting votes already in the counting queue. What other candidate could they reasonably assume would take the lead and run as their champion?
     I just don't see how they can go forward with another candidate this late in the process. So Trump will continue to be their nominee and instead of the election being a referendum on their survival of the fittest agenda, it will be on the morality and ethics of the candidates. Trump has destroyed any moral or ethical mist of illusion he may have had before the release of this damning tape, so I expect the democratic landslide to begin in full force today. Whereas yesterday I saw us stepping toward a landslide, today I see us running toward one. It remains to be seen if the republican candidates running for other offices will be caught up in the Trump disaster but my guess is there will be many who will be and they will find themselves being swept out of office as well.

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MotherNatureEarthMom said...

I hope you are correct. I fear you are wrong.

Do you remember those interviews with people who can't name our current VP? Who couldn't differentiate between Trump quotes and Hitler quotes? Who, when asked about something he said or did, their replies started with, 'Yes, but...'? Whose only issue is abortion which they fear she will mandate and believe he is against?

Those people are motivated to get out and vote.

We can take nothing for granted this time around.