Friday, October 21, 2016

The real world is not the one in our heads (#2821)

     This is the problem. Too many people believe that what they think about life is the real deal and not just a part of it which is what it is. They have already decided that what they think is actually reality. The problem is that they don't follow up on their suppositions with research and experimentation. Oh they take what they have been involved in in the past and apply it across the board as to how it is with everyone but we all know that none of us knows what others have to do to put up with in their own hardships. I find this is the paradigm republicans are most struck with, their own preconceived ideas about how our society works and how it should work.
     The simpler the mind in this case the easier it is to justify all things generally. They dismiss the more specific examples that contradict their "findings" as one offs and not the normal. They somehow segue into other reasons for these contradictions. When you are not disposed to keep learning, then what your original foundation was remains despite the ever changing world in which we live in. Keeping things simple makes it easy for those who will not face ambiguity with honesty. So to them education after a point is not needed and if one cannot care for themselves then they need to face the consequences of that without a by your leave from anyone.
     We are not all cookie cutouts of someone else's imagination. We are real and have hopes and dreams like the rest of humanity. So for us to be labeled as insignificant or worthless due to life slapping down hard on our heads is disingenuous and ignorant. Unfortunately our nation is full of these types who can only see winning at every turn as the answer to how life should be structured. They are the survival of the fittest crowd who will not allow themselves to learn a new way of seeing our existence. They cannot crawl up out of the cave that has them trapped to see that we can do anything, not just what we are told to do.

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