Monday, October 10, 2016

This current form of republicanism must be crushed (#2810)

     There is no other choice that is rational. When we go to vote this November no vote should go to any republican. The only way to end this onslaught of hate and intolerance is to vote it out of our politics so that we can pass laws that protect everyone, not just some of us. The republican party has become the vehicle for many of our most notorious hate groups. They hope to drive all the way to the White House and actually make it a "White" House only. If you happen to be born a white woman well at least you will be allowed some privileges but not on par with the white man. This is the republican credo, White power is the only power.
     Well I have had enough of them and I am a white man. I respect all people without any reservation as to their ethnicity or gender. We are all human beings and as such none of us is greater than another. This is what we are voting for this coming November. If you vote for a republican you are voting for segregation and an end to democracy. If you are voting for a democrat, you are voting to maintain democracy and improve our society to being more inclusive. The stark difference is not at all indistinguishable. For those who take issue with my assessment here I ask that you explain to me how I am wrong.
     For those of you who know that republicans are destroying our democracy then you are indeed living in reality. We must as a society of all people's step forward this November and vote against republicans, the worst political party in the history of our nation. None of the republican candidates is worthy of our vote, none of them. The only way to purge this group of haters from office is to not let any one of them win a new seat or return to one in our Congress and presidency. The choice this November is a critical one if we want to proceed toward improving our society and not destroying it.

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