Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We are all in this together (#2819)

     Once the white privilege is recognized by others it is easy to break down the barrier that republicans throw up to convince themselves that they are the masters of reality. They complain that their children are lazy and don't deserve "free handouts", which by the way, like social security, medicare and unemployment are all paid for out of our weekly paychecks and are insurance benefits, not free handouts. I think about that for about a nanosecond and then reply that their children are a product of their choice and how they raised them is on them. Somehow they expect their children to be all these good things without themselves having to be an example of all those good things for their children to emulate. Sorry sad sack republicans, your children are more likely a reflection of your failures and disappointments or they are in constant friction with you because of it.
     These white privileged ones believe that there should be no social programs and that we should all be the ones who pull our bootstraps up by ourselves. They still cling to that Romneyesque illusion that they made all their own success on their own. Their white privilege, at least in the more sensitive ones, won't allow themselves to be heard to say what is really on their minds in public about their disdain and hatred of those who are racially different so they attack things in our society that have been created in part from our despicable behavior of over 300 years of enslaving others.
     I tell them bullshit that we are all pull our own weight and get through life on our own. We are in this together, all of us. Nothing about this existence can be found to be livable without the contact and interaction of others. Nothing! So when I hear these souls who are miserly and petty complain about today's youth and their inability to be like they think they themselves are I jump in with both feet and fire back at them that they had their children who now don't like them and say why is that? Did you not have a plan for your children's growth? Or did you just thrust them out into the world with an incomplete understanding of what a real man or woman is like?

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