Friday, October 28, 2016

We are all worthy despite our fears (#2828)

     What holds us back is our fear that we don't measure up to what expectations are by others for us. Well let me put that way of thinking in it's grave. We are all worthy regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. If others are not focusing on themselves and sharing that instead of sharing what they think of us they are the ones who are wrong despite any glory or certificates they may hold. We each are the majestic being that does not exist anywhere in the Universe based on everything we have ever learned or committed to history. We each are a miracle of biology and physics. We each are gifted with curiosity and compassion in such a way as to elevate our species beyond the point of our entering existence in a conscious way.
     Never should we be beholden to any other human being without giving that human being our consent to be beholden. We are each through the laws of nature born with the right to exist. Now if the laws of man try to take away our right to live then it is our duty to crush that law out of existence. Each of us is responsible for holding freedom of life as more precious than forced servitude. We consent to live in our societies based upon what we accept as fair and equitable but that definition of ours of fair and equitable must be honest and valid. We cannot allow ourselves to be hood winked into accepting definitions as to how we live unless those definitions are equally applied and honorable in intent.
     So our fears that scare us into any form of submission without consent are what ails us the most. But once we recognize our behavior in such circumstances we realize that life must be lived as a free will choice and worthy of our struggle to attain it. No form of government that denies some of us what it allows for others is worthy of our inclusion. We are a species that is magnificent in all the Universe and for us to think and behave like anything less than that is unthinkable and beneath the dignity of who we are and what we are still yet to be.

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