Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 will be going backwards (#2891)

     We just don't know how well we have had it with a democrat as president. For most his presidency he has had to hold the wolves of the republican party back. Well that will no longer be the case as a republican is now president and he is hell bent on tearing apart not only the social fabric of our nation but he is going to put us on a path toward global confrontation. I know that republicans favor the war machine far more than they favor the health and welfare of American citizens and as such with now a republican dominated house and senate with a likely, republican, supreme court in our very near future, the wolves will be freed to tear apart our American civilization like nothing we have ever experienced.
     Not only is our social society at tremendous risk of being devoured by the wolves but their insistence that global warming has nothing or very little to do with man made interference, our planet will continue to be polluted in the name of capitalism and the greed that comes with making a profit before all else. But there is even more that is going to be torn apart, like greater restrictions to our democracy through the denial of voting and the loss of other equalities based upon factors of wealth, race, gender and age. The republican push to make us a more theocratic plutocracy is now more than just a dream it will soon become most American's nightmare.
     So this coming new year is not an advance into our present with an eye toward the future of a modern enlightened nation, no, we are about to head back into a reality that is filled with pain and suffering for most all of us as it's outcome. A going backwards this coming new year is an appropriate analogy. I won't be celebrating the beginning of a new year because it signifies the worst of who we Americans have become and allowed ourselves to be. This is all done because we are ignorant and lazy when it comes to protecting our democracy. No greater shame can be on our heads than the outcome of this last national election.

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