Monday, December 19, 2016

A creative mind (#2880)

     My imaginings never stop. I suppose the creative side of me will not let me rest even when I am resting. :) My dreams are amazing and dull all at the same time. But it is when I am awake that my mind takes reality and imagines better. I can see worse but not as a choice I have to accept. Surely we all have those moments when our minds drift to places that are not good but we don't have to let our minds stay there. We can simply change the subject and then imagine something better. Unfortunately right now due to our politics many of us are in less than ideal circumstances so our minds tend to focus on the worse of what our realities may very well become instead of the better. This is why this past election was so important.
     Our collective psyche was preparing for improvements for the majority of us working/middle/poor class and now we must gird ourselves for a lessening or a worsening. But despite the anger and the depression that we are experiencing our minds are our salvation. We have to turn from the disaster that we imagine and rightly so that is coming and find ways to alleviate the doom and gloom. We need to rise to the challenge because one thing is perfectly clear to me. Our species has been fighting for millions of years to survive and evolve past all challenges theretofore. Why would now be any different? The oddity that we are doing this to ourselves is concerning but not ultimately defeating.
     I know it looks dark and dreary now but the light is still there far down that tunnel and if we just focus on it and prepare ourselves for what we can do to change this last outcome with a better one 2 years from now and then 4 years from now we can make the worst of what will happen less punishing. We hopefully then can get back on track toward a modern enlightened society that doesn't just serve those who least need it.

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