Sunday, December 11, 2016

America, on the verge of becoming a Russian satellite state (#2872)

     This is what being uneducated has done to us. We are about to go from being the world's only superpower to being the lackey of the new world's superpower, Russia. We can still stop it but I don't know if there is the will to do it. From what I have heard secondhand, many trump voters are giddy about him winning at any cost, even to subservience to another nation that is not a democratic one. How has it come to this? There truly are some evil wealthy souls in our nation. They made their wealth off the back of a democratic capitalist society and are in a head long dive to ruin the same very system that afforded them their wealth.
     The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court has said nothing about how his and the last conservative majority has allowed this to happen with rulings that subverted the right to vote for non republicans and gave the wealthy unlimited opportunities to influence the elections with their boundless cash for false advertising and untruthful attacks on good decent opposing candidates. Why hasn't our Supreme Court weighed in on the direction our nation is taking away from democracy? Our nation has been duped by men who are not heroes. They are cowards who steal a nation instead of leading it by earning it's respect.
     I have lived long enough to see this happen and it torments me that it may come about. I have no solutions except to scream it out that we are being manipulated by cowards and traitors to our history and our destiny all for the lure of riches. I am ashamed today to stand proud as an American when our nation is ripping apart from within through the efforts of the republican party. They sow the seeds of distrust and misinformation as if it were something of value to the world. I cannot abide them and even though I am at the twilight of my life I will not stop doing anything I can to stop them and return our society back toward democracy.

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