Tuesday, December 6, 2016

An indistinguishable life (#2867)

     Once I realized this about myself I was disappointed but not surprised. At an early age of course I thought I was destined for greatness beyond imagination. As if destiny had me born for a purpose so intensely magnificent that there could be no other reason. Yet here I am at the twilight of my life and the best I can come up with to describe my life is indistinguishable. There was no great true love for me, nor offspring. There was no great wealth and honor for me there was just me trying to survive in a world that had billions of us to support. So faced with my reality I accepted that I was not distinguishable nor special beyond the normal.      The pause here is for me to again reflect on the truth of that last statement.
     So what has my life been like instead of my early imagining? Nothing of note to spend time describing. Initially satisfying my own selfishness and greed but that was short lived because despite my utter failure at being "the one" I was still an honest decent person within. I like telling the truth of things and being honest in my thoughts and actions. So after my short period of not being my principled self, I turned inward and formed from that who I am today. Indistinguishable certainly but not insignificant. I have a purpose in life that carries me forward in a peaceful and reasoned way. I don't give up on what I know is right and I fight for what is right at every turn. I don't tolerate those who lie cheat and steal not will I give a second of my life to those who cannot nor will not admit they are wrong.
     I suppose I have become a better example of what it is to be a respectful human being who has dreams and hopes that are greater than myself. I foresee a future for we humans that leaves behind the foolishness and pettiness we hold so dear in this current era. I foresee a future for we humans that celebrates what we are and who we become without prejudice or hate. I foresee a species of human being that has the courage to learn with conviction and honest intent to be greater and more evolved than we are currently. I foresee who we should be and not so much the fear we cannot seem to let go of.

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