Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Deplorable? More like the miserable (#2889)

     You know that old saying right, misery loves company? Well this seems to explain why so many voted for Trump and republicans. These miserable ones cannot abide that others would not be as miserable as themselves. So instead of working to make everyone's life better they just stiffen their jaw and make everyone as ugly as they are. I don't get it myself. We all control our own lives no matter what or who tells us different. We control how we want to live. It is our choice, not some abstract theory waiting to be proven. Yet these miserable ones feel like they have only one course to follow and that is to make others as miserable or more as themselves.
     I suppose there is quite a bit of jealousy as well. Their thinking would go along these lines: {How is it possible that someone other could be having a better life than me? I am a true American and I deserve to have a better life than those who are not like me?} This is what the miserable must feel. Do you sense the privilege that is underneath the questions? The miserable are miserable not because others are having a better life, they are miserable because they didn't learn how to have a better life for themselves. They are taking out their own shortcomings on others because that way they don't have to admit their own personal failures while holding onto some undeserved modicum of respect.
     It is hard to self evaluate in a truthful way but that is what each and every one of us must do in order to hold ourselves accountable to actual reality. I won't live like a miserable nor deplorable person because life is too short not to really live life. If I am not a happy person then that is on me regardless of how life is dishing out it's consequences. I work and try hard to achieve but if achieving isn't happening then I regroup and try again. I don't quit learning and get angry at others because their fate has been better for them. I actually admire them for their good fortune and rebuild my own hopes off of their example.

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