Saturday, December 31, 2016

Finding solutions instead of just punishing (#2892)

     An enlightened society doesn't just punish those who end up on the wrong side of civilized law. An enlightened society looks to alleviate the reasons for those who end up on the wrong side of civilized law. It is how we improve our society and make it more accessible to those who would otherwise fall short. We don't need to whip ourselves with sticks to get ourselves to become better human beings, on the contrary we need to give ourselves carrots as incentives to prosper. Life is tough for so many and making it tougher is mean, cruel and brutish. Our past history has shown us that beating ourselves for not having the proper society to live in is demented. We need to improve our society so that more of us can contribute to it's success.
     What we are about to have in our national government is antithetical to progress and modernity. For some unthinkably illogical reason we have just voted to approve a neanderthal way of thinking as our flag bearer. Yet we live in a republic, made up of individual states that can and will determine their own destiny within the framework of our national constitution. So although the federal government may choose a course of politics that is demeaning and destructive within the framework of our constitution we individual states are free to choose a more modern and inclusive path within the framework of our national and individual state constitutions. Which is what we here in California, and other Democratic run states are doing.
     Here in California our voters were wise enough to elect a super majority of democrats to the state legislature and all top state government positions. We are in a unique position here in California, the 6th largest economy in the world to not only finance our vision for the future but to continue to improve the lives of our citizens despite the rest of the country falling back into punishing policies of austerity and inequality. We can weather this storm for the foreseeable future and hopefully rectify our national politics in 2020.

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