Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It isn't the messenger it is the message (#2882)

     After seeing Trump elected it is as clear as day that the message is the attraction not the messenger. Trump is so flawed as a human being that there is no way he won with his character. He won because he said things, right or wrong, that people wanted to hear. What is truly unremarkable is that what people wanted to hear was mean and petty. I am so ashamed of our electorate in that over 60 million folks voted for Trump. Surely 10's of millions of those had to be women who by all accounts should never have voted for him based on his obvious misogyny. Yet women still voted for him. So a greater allure attracted them to him despite his contempt for them.
     So his message of fear and hate seem to be the winning message. How those who voted for him could put their worst natures out as the highest priority will baffle me for the rest of my life. But what I do understand of it initiates from a lack of common decency and inner pride in oneself. They may hide behind their smiles and their good works but their souls are corrupted. I don't do things for others as a way to show I am a good person. I do things for others because I am a good person. I have reconciled in my mind the necessity for me to be the bigger person and help along those who surely appreciate what I can do for them.
     Making our world more inclusive and more equal in opportunity, fairness and justice should be a common goal we all share not a condescension toward those who have been forced by the wealthy to seek help. Income inequality didn't get a hearing this last election as to what it is doing to our economy and by extension our democracy. When capitalism is the driving force of everything we do instead of democracy then we get what we are now receiving, a capitalist leading our democracy to it's death. Greed and selfishness are the motivators to wealth when no regard for those who make up the rest of our society are considered expendable. There is a tension that is building and when and how that metaphorical tectonic snap occurs is more inevitable than not.

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