Saturday, December 3, 2016

Life is brutal enough (#2864)

     The nature of this existence is tough enough without us intentionally harming ourselves. I think about how our species has had to survive through the "water" era early in the beginning of our evolution. A constant awareness to the dangers of the other two animals that began their water era at the same time. We are Invertebrates, generally with the other two species being Exoskeletons and Mollusks. We Invertebrates waged a struggle against the other two for millions of years in the water in order to survive and eventually crawl out of the water and become land dwelling animals. From there we have been savaged by the climate and the ordering of our own particular needs to survive.
     We are now a civilized being that has become the master of this atmosphere and the land and water beneath it. We human invertebrates have conquered all known life and are as such in control of our destiny. So it is up to us to master our minds so that what our future holds is not only based upon the powers of reason and common sense but our own inherent will to survive. Which leads me to today. For whatever it is worth I do admit that we are still in the early stages of human enlightenment but we are progressing rapidly in innovation and creativity while unfortunately falling behind in the will to change, from now more than ever, archaic hurtful practices.
     Humanity has survived in this current evolved state for hundreds of millenniums and it will take an act of total self destruction of our own making or of a universal catastrophe we have no control over to end our march toward a greater awareness. Why we choose to struggle to make life simpler for ourselves is one of those paradigms that boggles my mind. Yet here we are prepared to allow the worst of what we should never be become what we are going to be. It is an insanity of epic proportions that our mighty species is paralleled with our less than mighty powers of modern conceptual thinking. As our creative minds are waiting for the soul of our analytical minds to catch up and end the harm and suffering we place upon each other that is regressive, and a failure of due care that we should be displaying.

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