Thursday, December 1, 2016

My hope is strong however my respect for some is gone (#2862)

     My own personal voyage has been one of self discovery. Many trials and errors and now finally a vision for myself and the world I would like all of us to live in. However, I am not the master of my reality in the world in general so I have to live with whatever the reality is that the rules of our society allow for me and the rest of us. There are many things I hold dear that will never be diminished as principles for my life. Regardless of situation or circumstance I have my grounding that will be with me until I am no more. Like my hope for curiosity and my compassion for what is right and good in life. These are the values that sustain me when the rest of the world seems to have gone mad. I am still me and for that I am fortunate that I found out who I am over some troublesome times.
     I won't change from who I am and what I hold dear. But there are those who have shown that they care not for what is right and good in life. They have otherwise chosen to be the worst of who they are, racist, misogynist, and otherwise uncaring for the difficulties and plights of others. A lack of morality is their credo yet to talk to them they act innocent of being brutish and harsh. I cannot fathom such people who are so confused in the logic that dictates their actions that they believe they can hide behind their confusion with denial. Such folks have lost my respect and once my respect is lost there is not much hope of ever getting it back.
     If those who wish to ask for forgiveness once their understanding of reality returns to them in an enlightened way then they may, over, time receive my forgiveness. But that happening is not likely since most people are too stubborn and afraid to admit they were duped or didn't know what they were doing. Either way, my respect is still gone. Little that my respect matters to them however so no big deal anyway right? I am a good man who wants all of us to have better lives. If my respect is unworthy to them then I don't see them ever finding their way to admitting they were wrong and asking for forgiveness for the unheralded damage that is coming to we the most vulnerable.

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