Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Supreme Court can save us (#2884)

     There is only one hope now that the republicans control the presidency, senate and house of representatives and that is our current 4-4 deadlocked supreme court. Justices Kennedy and Roberts are the moderate conservatives on the court and they do at times side with the working middle class. I hope they feel the extra pressure to do so since the republican control of the legislature and presidency will bring about fundamental changes to doing what is right, fair and just in our nation and by extension the world. We have only that hope left of the possibly next 2 years but likely 4 years.
     The one thing I do know about Kennedy and Roberts is that they see the big picture quite well and although they have been conservatively partisan in many instances the new dynamic may cause them to look at things with a more acute eye at preserving the ideal of democracy. The majority of voters said no to Trump and yet he won. Taking that into consideration and the balance that social programs provide to the masses I expect they will be less conservative in their approach as a balance to protect what may be the complete dismantling of a progressive agenda that has been a model for us and for nations around the world.
     Roberts and Kennedy have both shown a propensity to look at the bigger picture and if now isn't the time for that then when would be?/ I truly expect that the 4 liberals on the court, great minds and thinkers all, to be persuasive with both Roberts and Kennedy since they both have not completely sold their objectivity to partisan politics like Alito and Thomas. A new judge will be nominated and voted on come January or shortly thereafter and if another conservative is voted onto the court both Roberts and/or Kennedy will be needed to keep what is left of our society in a now a teetering modern mode.

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