Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Our worst natures are now acceptable (#2875)

     Apparently we all want to act like spoiled children and treat each other with contempt. How else could Trump have won the election. Certainly not with him being a successful businessman when he has a trail of bankruptcies behind him, court orders to pay fines for business related wrongdoings and unpaid bills to many hundreds of contractors He started out in life with a "small" (his word) one million dollar advance from his father so his beginning as a businessman is where most people hope to reach by the end of their lives so nothing based in reality about his pulled up by the bootstraps story.
     His characterizations about women didn't seem to affect his vote getting either, He also belittles women as objects instead of equal human beings in defiance of the laws of nature. So his attitude toward women must be a positive since more than enough critical voters backed him. We must be a sick society that we find the aggressive actions of a brute to women who not only birth us but our children acceptable. Aside from his misogyny that also seems to be acceptable is his "Christian" values of philandering. He captured the majority of the Christian vote despite cheating on wives one and two. Again, acceptable.
     I suppose what is the most telling trait that we Americans now find alluring and acceptable is his lust for fame in all it's glory. He doesn't just want to be president, of which he thinks of as an afterthought, he wants the glory that is attached to being president even more. The title of president is what he wants and the perks that go with it, not the job of president and the hard work to improve the lives of we Americans

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