Thursday, December 29, 2016

The republican party is mean, nasty and brutish (#2890)

     Welcome to our reality liberal/progressives. Apparently our nation wants to be punished for being alive. Too many voted for the worst of our natures in key states than those who voted for the best of our natures. Why is the republican party mean, nasty and brutish? First is because they cheat, steal and lie. Yes, they rig, take and do not tell the truth of things for if they did they would be exposed for their middle class cutting agenda. Now I know not all things revolve around economics but economics is not only where they are middle class destroyers. Politically they are denying the vote to otherwise rightful voters. Why are they doing this? Because most of the voters they are denying the right to vote would vote against them. Republicans have targeted particular strategically disadvantaged areas and have successfully obstructed voting.
     Second, is that republicans have no soul worthy of human admiration. What do I mean by this? Simply, they curry favor with the wealthy by allying themselves with them to the detriment of the middle class. Obstructing wage increases, destroying unionization, and worst of all cutting social programs that help the poorest and most vulnerable in our nation. Republicans have no heart either since they are pushing to reverse the trend toward universal health care and are working to cut medicare and medicaid. But that is not all, they want to eliminate social security desperately needed by the elderly, paid into by those same now elderly workers all their working lives in order to have a retirement that is not subject to volatile and manipulative market forces.
     Third, is that republicans not only want to diminish women's rights, but they want to alienate persons of color solely because republicans feel that only white men deserve the best out of life. Under the cover of "religion" they are hoping to nationalize a one belief system that fits all and it is a white man privileged one. The arrogance of the republican party will be on full display and no doubt there will be a reckoning coming to them that surely their condescension will not allow them a forewarning.

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