Saturday, December 10, 2016

The test of our character (#2871)

     I had thought that the election was a test of our character but now it seems that a foreign power has interfered with out election and therefore clouds the results as to our intent. So now instead of the election being a test of our character our response to what Russia has done to our elections is the test of our character. If we cannot find the will to object to our democracy being literally influenced enough to change it by a bad actor then we all deserve to be losing our democracy. I have been pronouncing this for so long it is like a bad dream for me. We are losing our democracy because we don't care enough to pay attention to it.
     Well now we are all paying attention and being presented with the evidence of a foreign power trying to thrust it's will on our political apparatus, what will be our response? To me what Russia ie.. Putin has done is a clear act of war! He has dared to manipulate our political process as if he were a spy trying to gather information about our defense and offensive strategies. It looks to be he has gotten installed into the presidency a willing culprit to his plan. Not only does Trump not want to accept the classified briefings detailing the Russian involvement he doesn't want any investigation to further along the process of exposing the acts.
     So we the people are left to resolve this dilemma. We must put aside our practice of ignoring reality and turn off the entertainment as a diversion and focus in on what is actually happening in real life. We are in a constitutional crisis never seen before in modern history. Our democracy has been subverted by a foreign power with a willing accomplice placed at the head of our government. Will we Americans we stand for it? Will we drop the irrelevant act of being too busy to care? The test of our character is upon us and now is when we need to see who we are and what we stand for otherwise we have just been taken by fool and a foreign master pulling his strings.

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