Thursday, December 15, 2016

Waiting for the boot on my neck (#2876)

     I am floored by the outcome of our election and as such the monster who manipulated his victory is about to put his boot on my neck. I know I am not the only one who feels this way and will feel the pressure of the boot on my neck. But it is coming and the only salvation that may be out there is the electoral college. Yet I know from experience that the bully monster will force them to his will as well. It is as if no law can stop the monster and his will is the law of the land. How this came to be is symptomatic of me mistakenly thinking that we were better than this. Now about 3 million more voters against the monster tried to overcome him but not even that was enough.
     Our national standing in the world just took a hit with the other civilized nations and we deserve that. Our inability to process that we should be helping the less well off instead of being jealous of them for their few advantages is exposed. How petty and small of us, we Americans. I had thought that we were the best of what the world should find example within. But no, we are not and if the world is keen to look they will avoid us like we have the plague. I cannot reasonably stand and be proud especially since I am still floored waiting for the inevitable boot to stomp on my neck. My reward for thinking that we were an advanced civilized modern society. There are elements of our modernity but they are diminishing because the condescension from the brutes in the republican party do not celebrate intelligence or critical thinking. Their master is force and power.
     I am older now in this stage of my life but nonetheless driven to stiffen up my neck so that when the boot comes down it won't cut off the airway that sustains my life. I will eventually gather enough strength to lift the boot off and stand to dust myself off. I will then stomp on the boot that would be on my neck and kick the ass of the leg the boot is attached to. But for now I will feel the burden of our national failure and mourn the opportunity we had to actually improve what I thought was a society that was unparalleled in the history of enlightenment.

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