Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We Americans cannot handle success (#2881)

     Mainly because most of us didn't earn it. We were given all our advantages to succeed without having to earn our advantages. Those who fought and died before us and even now are the ones who have earned the right to succeed. Those of us who sit back and let the others do the hard in life so that we can have it easy show us the real cowardly way to live as Americans. So many of the ones who are successful today do it off the sacrifice of others that they know it. That is why they act like cowards and don't allow for the good in life to supersede the bad. They will lose their unearned advantage and privilege if they do.
     That is why our American society is so reluctant to modernize and advance as an enlightened society, because we are afraid of being exposed for the uneducated hucksters we are. Well that is not hidden anymore if one person reads this post. There is only so much illusion and diversion we can employ to hide our ignorance in most areas of intelligent thought. We are a greedy selfish nation that wants to appear to be an enlightened benevolent one. The absolute absurdity of our society that allows for those who actually work hard to improve and build a good life to be stymied at every turn while the thieves and hucksters sit back and take the profit from those who have actually earned it.
     We live in a society that is set up to take from the ones who break their backs throughout their lives to give to those who can pick our pockets while sitting at a desk. Our day of reckoning has finally come about and instead of trying to fix our problems from within we are about to destroy from within what was left that was good about us. Maybe this needed to happen in order to bring us out of the shadows as a nation and expose our hypocrisy and thievery to all who even care to glance our way anymore. The world will move on without us despite the fear they have for our immaturity and explosive arsenals. We are like a spoiled child about to be either disciplined or left to our tantrums. I hope we and the world survive our petulance.

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