Monday, December 12, 2016

When otherwise good people do nothing (#2873)

     We are there right now. The opportunity to do something that stops the nightmare we are on the threshold of is upon us. What will we do? Either change the outcome or let it happen. Two choices two different actions. the first action is to do nothing. Stay static and let things happen without putting up a resistance. What will occur is the nightmare becomes reality and we are left with being torn apart from the inside out. The second choice is to do everything we can to fight against the nightmare and change it to a new awakening. That is what we should be doing, everyone of us now that the nightmare is running amok for all to see.
     What happened in Germany nearly 80 years ago is comparative. An allowance for separation and hate to grow and flourish while otherwise good people did nothing. What we saw happen there was the slippery slope of hate work it's way from the "dregs" of society all the way to the "cream of the crop" of society. Once hate has a handhold it will not relinquish it's hold until it is utterly destroyed. We here in America are about to hand over the controls of our society to a man who worships hate and separation as a guiding principle. So first those of color will feel his wrath, then the poor, then the women and then the old and infirmed. When those have been castigated then the less productive and then the more educated who speak out against hate will follow until the last person in line in any group left will know the fear of hate when it is searching for it's next victim.
     Eventually only a few will be outside of hates tentacles but then when no one is left for hate to crush then hate will turn on it's masters. Nothing about our coming nightmare has a good ending so just doing nothing is helping the nightmare to come to reality. I know I will try to do everything I can to stop the oncoming nightmare but without many to help it will not be enough. Otherwise good people doing something is what we need and despite our political differences we have to work together to stop this nightmare because we are the only ones who can.

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