Saturday, December 17, 2016

Who will blink first, Trump and his minions or us? (#2878)

     The bully appears to be heading toward being our political leader although he DID NOT receive the most votes by huge amount but still seems to think that he has a mandate. Well to hell with his thought process! He doesn't have a mandate and if he tries to force us to accept his egotistical fascist agenda it will be up to us to back him down. How will we do that? We will shout our anger at him in unison and threaten to destabilize his foundation. We must be adamant and resolute or otherwise he will gamble that we will back down. Nothing is further from the truth in my mind but I was shocked that he was elected so I do not discount us becoming sheep at the first sign of a threat by him.
     I am an older dog who is willing to fight for what is right in this existence but I am not sure the rest of we liberal progressives are as willing. It would be a shame if we did not stand as sentinels on our principles and defend what we know is right. Nothing in life is a given especially if it has honor to it. Too many like the republican party are not assuaged by the noble idea of honor. They only see advantage and privilege because it doesn't matter to them if that advantage and privilege is gained by being the worst humans on the planet. Deceitful and traitorous or just actions to them to use when it serves their purpose without regard to the consequences and the laws of inverse proportionality,
     Now I could be surprised by the rhetoric Trump has heretofore used if he figures it out that destroying our modern progressive society is not a good thing but I don't count on him having a revelation one would expect when the weight of our nation's future dawns on him. I expect him to stay the simple minded fool he is who is best at conning people into thinking he is some kind of messiah. Trump has always been drawn toward being enamored. He loves to be glorified but knows he can't be honestly because he is incapable of earning it through wisdom and intelligence. So the con will most likely continue and the pain he will cause because of his ego will be to all of our detriment.

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