Thursday, January 5, 2017

Do not condone mediocrity (#2897)

     Despite the outcome of our last national election, we should never condone mediocrity. Now I know many, even myself included, feel like this last national election was much worse than condoning mediocrity but still it is at minimum that. It is far too easy to deny that we are accountable when in our heart of hearts we know we are. Yet our disposable economy sometimes reaches deep into our souls and allows to us convince ourselves that nothing really matters that much except what is most important to us. It is easier to justify our own wants and needs as they pertain to ourselves than it is to our community and society at large. Sacrifice on a personal level has often been construed with foolish and bleeding heart behavior.
     Yet that would be false! Sacrifice is the duty of all our citizenry and anyone who would scoff at sacrifice is an undeserving degenerate or narcissistic egomaniac. They day we settle for less than what is honorable and noble is the day we begin to bleed out our soul. What is best about the human species is the choices we get to make based upon factors we can control. A little bit of foresight, reasoned analysis toward a conclusion, gives us the advantage of making decisions based upon logical outcomes and not merely guesses. We humans have the luxury of being the only species in the known Universe who control their own destiny without some sovereign species lording over us. We are the sovereign here and when we actually know and start to live like it, mediocrity will diminish to the waste bin of history.
     Well we know we are not yet clear of mediocrity since collectively we cannot seem to step forward into enlightened modernity without falling back into deception and chaos. The unimaginable is waiting for us to discover but we seem to like only being where we can just exist without having to exert any more effort than necessary to survive. Marking time is not a status quo I promote, instead I promote moving forward into the great unknown as most efficiently as possible with no time to waste. It is my nature to be curious and to care about all things, and I am not alone in being a human who has these characteristics. We all do, and when we all realize it then is when the amazing magic of our species will reveal itself.

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