Sunday, January 15, 2017

Everyone of us is who we are deep down inside (#2907)

     I was making this point yesterday for the reason why we care that all have something instead of just some. The old saying of "A conservative says, "if it hasn't happened to me, I don't care." A liberal says "this should never happen to anyone, and that's why I care." sort of explains it but not to the heart of it. Where the heart of it is in that we are instinctual beings. I claim that we have two dominant traits, compassion and curiosity. In these two instinctual traits lie all the goodness and ability that we possess. This is who we are, simply put, caring and curious. All things come from these or the lack of them. When we have no compassion is when we are brutish, mean and nasty. When we have no curiosity we are dull and taken with the ruthless game of advantage and privilege in it's place.
     So when we look deep inside ourselves we know who we are. We remember the goodness that was so kind and welcoming. We remember the care that others gave us when we couldn't care for ourselves, and we remember the opportunity to learn from others so that we could understand more about the world we live on and the space surrounding our world. That is who we are, not the chaser of who can be the best or worst toward success. Success is an illusion that although has some advantages and privileges, but remember, those advantages and privileges must be bought and sold with a caveat, not freely given.
     Life is a funny little thing and understanding how to live with who we are is of greater priority then to exist in society doing what others do regardless of the honor and nobility of our species. We are not the part of some machine that grinds despite our first objections, and then resignation. We are a microcosm of our own lives and those of us who would rather live our lives with care and wonder are the shining example of a better age. I know who I am deep down inside and never for a second or more of my life will I ever betray the life I am so honored to live.

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