Friday, January 27, 2017

Existence of self may be progressive (#2919)

     According to quantum theory, it may be well that our consciousness' exist beyond the earthly demise of death. Now it is all just theory but in the core of my being I have always felt that there is more to me than just existing in this dimensional plane. It isn't anything I can prove much like religious folk, it is just a theory based upon some inner compass. This is where the religious and myself, who is not given to religion, somewhat intersect. The idea of an after life has been a clarion call attracting the religious to their beliefs since the dawning of human understanding.
     Which is reasonable to conclude that religion, at the time and to some extent still now, answers that deep seated intuition that we are not just here in this existence as a one time deal. However, where religion and I then leave that intersection is the relative knowledge that life can go on after death without the narrative of a God system. We are a species that has evolved to a critical step in our evolution. We can now delve into the mysteries of our dimension and that which envelopes it with amazing insight through innovative processes. Those being, logic and science. In times past religion was the peace that helped us to realize that our lives had more to them than was known through the concept of heaven, however, logic and science now actually give us the tools to prove how the extension of life beyond this dimension may occur.
     From an idea, to a sequence of being. There is symmetry to we humans moving our faith from blind acceptance to breaking down the equation that helps us to see the actual process. We humans are curious despite many of our cautions. We will get beyond the limitations out there that hold us back from progressing into the natural order of our evolution. It is intuitive to every one of us whether we admit to it or not that this life should have more to it than it has shown so far and that showing is now coming upon us. We cannot be afraid to adapt to it, rather we should embrace it with the the knowledge that our inner core already has.

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