Monday, January 9, 2017

Little donnie cries foul because he's an ass! (#2901)

     Isn't it an upside down world when the one who is causing all the harm is mad because no one likes him? How utterly out of touch does one have to be in order to miss the irony? We have such a mad person upset because he is making most of us struggle even harder against the forces of great wealth accumulation. Is it too much to ask that we be allowed our anguish when we are being harmed? Are we so insignificant that we are not allowed to protest our objections to being crushed by those who wish to take our democracy from us? Are we considered not as human beings with tremendous potential and instead as burdens for the power hungry patriarchal who would dismiss us without a by your leave? Apparently so and while we are being condescended to we are to accept it with a hallelujah!
     I am still dumbstruck by the outcome of our last election and for the life of all that is logical cannot yet come to grips with the thinking that allowed it. My mind will not let me consider such harsh and brutish scenarios as I am an enlightened man who believes that science and the sheer force of will can overcome any problem that confronts us. Yet here we are in this vacuum of an existence that has a man/child now as our leader and his angry, other hating political party in power. The sense of privilege and advantage that I disdain is now the normal, not the exception. The arrogance required to dismiss the will of a majority of American voters is enormous and quite beyond my own understanding as to it's depth.
     So when little donnie cries foul because we are not worshiping his brutality toward us I can only think to say to hell with him and all that he surrounds himself with. I broker no peace with those who only wish that we have less opportunity while thanking him for it. His admonishment of us who dare to call him out for his injustice will be amply rebutted by we the many as long as he continues to think that his narcissistic illusions will be obeyed. His tantrums will no doubt be the legacy of his presidency and our response to them must be legendary.

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