Monday, January 16, 2017

Prayer is no excuse to justify inaction (#2908)

     Let me first tell you that I am not a believer in any religion. None! So it is with that mindset that I write this. I see so many folks saying that they will pray for some situation or some person and then act as if they had done something of a tangible value. Like take credit when the circumstance or situation is resolved in some positive way or even take credit for a disappointment by saying that they prayed and should get some credit for it despite the negative outcome. Prayer to me is a cop out for the most part. I am no perfect soul so I can't say prayer works or doesn't work but I can comment on the people who use prayer as a way to do nothing.
     Inaction is not served by making excuses or offering nothing of tangible value. Like seeing a homeless person without some obviously necessary thing while you have many such things but pass them by. Justifying your inaction with a prayer for them. It is nonsense to me that if a real need is there and you have enough to help and you don't, then your hypocritical prayers are only a salve on your own selfishness. I have seen so much despair and suffering in my lifetime that the idea of some deity listening and answering prayers is in the realm of fairy tales. The only way I know how to help those who are in despair and suffering is to actually help them in tangible ways like giving of myself or sharing what little abundance I have.
     Funny isn't it that a guy like me, who doesn't buy into any religion, practices goodwill and benevolence far more that those who claim to be religious. The stench of it makes me wonder just what kind of person goes to church every week yet treats others with contempt and condescension? Although offering a prayer is sufficient in their minds but not anything else of real value. I have no problem with those who have a spiritual sense to them but if they are not living with that sense as their main guide to life then their religion is just as hollow as their prayers.

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