Friday, January 6, 2017

The cowardice of the American psyche (#2898)

     When less than 1% of Americans are actually involved with our military to protect our nation then it becomes clear that the other more than 99% are devoid of what it is to protect democracy. They have no investment that is life threatening so they become mundane to the idea and numb to the priority. Most all of us have become the frog in the slowing heating up pot of water. We don't realize the slipping away of our democracy because there is no sudden alert to it. It is just a steady dwindling, right under our noses until we get to the point where all of a sudden we are not in a democracy anymore but a plutocracy controlled by the wealthy.
     Since most of us are not in any real life threatening situations concerning the defense of our nation we have become soft to it's defense. Our minds are not ready and able to defend our nation with any alacrity. Instead we have become withdrawn from each other and mostly only interested in our own personal welfare. We are not the united states anymore than we are united in our belief to fight for democracy. We have fallen down in our duty to sacrifice all for the survival of equality of opportunity, fairness and justice, the hallmarks of democracy.
     We fear more than we courage. I know that sentence sounds strange but the idea is there for none to misinterpret. We are living in a society that has been built with blood from the courageous and we are now the inheritors of that great gift. Yet we shirk our responsibility to not only protect it but to advance it. Our generation is the one that shrank from the challenge and embraced our cowardice over our courage. We are afraid of what others think, we are afraid to lose what we have, we are afraid of so many things that our lives are not worthy of the examples of our patriotic fore-parents. We are a majority marginally disgraceful lot and now that we have shown the world how corrupt and diseased our souls are we cannot escape the consequences.

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