Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The era of anti-intellectualism is upon us (#2896)

     We humans are on the threshold of becoming more like our ancestors than the hope they had for us. It is inexplicable that we have allowed this to happen but we didn't recognize the enemy within us until it was too late. I find nothing about what is about to begin as a silver lining. the pain and suffering of going backwards from respecting humanity to abusing it is too monstrous. The era of growing intellectualism is being reversed so that there are less who can dream great dreams and create new understandings. Mediocrity is our new paradigm and as such we will be led around much like herding of the flock.
     Those of us who will fight against the fetters and binders will find ourselves ridiculed and debased for thinking that equality can be achieved. There are too many forces now in power who wish to delineate between who deserves full citizenship here in America and who should be lesser through loss of rights. The era of intellectualism is dying and in it's place is the acceptance of less. America had been a land of hopes and dreams for all those others who were repressed by similar governments bent toward disrespect of human life. Now America itself is aligned with those nations who find that controlling humanity is more profitable to their greedy selves than the idea of making our nation a bastion of democratic principles.
     The darkness that has descended upon us will no doubt take what we have worked all our lives to build and protect and crush the soul right out of it. Our federal government is about to become the playground for the wealthy and the master of those who are not. We let this happen to ourselves because we did not wish to sacrifice our time and energy to continuing the common good of all and instead only wished to take for ourselves without adjusting for the cost of losing our soul. Well it is too late now and the burgeoning selfish will have their way. such is the destiny we have allowed.

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