Sunday, January 1, 2017

The majority will (#2893)

     I know we liberal progressives are not in national power but we are the true majority in this nation. We believe that everyone should have the same shot at the American dream. We believe that equality is more than just a definition, it is a practice. We believe women should have control over their own bodies. We believe in social security as insurance for the last days of our lives. We believe that everyone should have health care. We believe that honesty is the best policy and that money is not speech nor are corporations people. What we believe is simple fair and right. So the idea that most of us here in America are not liberal and progressive as the majority is to deny logic and truth.
     We do have a huge problem with getting citizens to vote and that does need to be addressed in the future with at minimum a cost/benefit process. When we all vote there is no room for the worst of our natures to prevail in our politics. When less that 30% of our population decides the futures of the rest of us 70% it is unreal and unacceptable. So we are now left with a liberal progressive majority that is dependent upon a new government that believes in austerity for the non wealthy and abundance for the wealthy. For the at least next 2 years we can do little to stop this reality except to protest. We can make our will felt against every decision that further strikes the working middle class into hardship.
     The clamor we must evoke is not just for we politically active but for those who sat out the last election thinking that nothing bad could come of it. Well, doing nothing has proven to be a bad choice and the only way to rectify that is to turn from ambivalence and become proactive. We, all of us majority, need to rally wherever we are to stop the democracy crushing republican party from further annihilating the will of the people. The fake news and outright lies of the republican party notwithstanding, we must awaken from the hate and reclaim our liberal progressive roots.

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