Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The necessity of holding to our valued principles (#2902)

     There is a greater ideal at stake here. Much larger than my emotional needs and economic progress. Who I am inside of me is what I strive to be at all times and although I am human and prone to weaknesses and temptations, I must not lose sight of what makes me tick. There is no momentary advantage or desire that is greater than me sticking with my principles. That is why I will never normalize that which is less than honorable. I will not bow to the lesser of better and best. It is how I am made. I do not accept that which others acquiesce to. I do not accept that which harms or punishes for the sake of punishing or some other nefarious selfishness. I will not tolerate ignorance nor it's defenders.
      "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country".-Nathan Hale, says it best when faced with the ultimate sacrifice. These are not just words for me, they have life in them. I will not allow myself to stand by and let the lesser destroy that which is good. I hope to be able to have the same courage as Nathan if ever I am faced with his choice. But I know I won't follow his lead if I don't cherish the same valued principles that he did. If I am not a hero inside my soul I won't be a hero outside my flesh. The foundation I have within me can never be given away or taken unless I allow it. So when the troubling times come I must be prepared to stand tall and fight hard with all I have so that who I am is justified in being.
     I don't know what happens after death and I don't know what happens before life. I don't even know a scintilla of the knowledge that is available here while my life is in existence. Yet I do know one thing for absolute certainty. I am who I am and if I am going to be who I am then I must live as who I am. I can only do that by not wavering or compromising on my valued principles. Honor, justice, ethics... are but a few, but all things that do no harm and actually increase the better and best of who we are. I will live life on my terms regardless of how others would shackle and control me.

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