Sunday, January 8, 2017

The resistance is mounting (#2900)

     When Trump becomes president will be the first day of our actual resistance for the next 4 years. January 20th will mark the date and all effort to stymie and ignore the man/child in the White House will begin. There is little we can do as progressive liberals to thwart what is coming but for sure we must resist with all our might. Nothing should come easy to these democracy crushing cowards who now fill the highest seats in public office here in America. All of us will be adversely affected, except the wealthy, by the incoming cabal of racists, misogynists, traitorous and condescending would be demigods and their agenda to make America into a world not unlike the Germany of World War II.
     We have no other choice. We are at the mercy of a man/child who acts and behaves like a grammar school bully. It is beyond hope that after his 70 years on the planet of being who he is that he will somehow miraculously change and become a reasonable statesman. So we must face the fact that those in his party who want more control over our economy and social lives to profit the wealthy and reckless will succeed. We are about to find out what it is like to have little to no hope for a better future even if we are willing to sell our souls to the worst of who we could be. I am not one who will succumb to my animal self that I have tamed and changed into a civilized intelligent person, but surely others will because they are weaker and more prone to fear than many of us.
     Regardless of those who do join up with Trump because they are weak and afraid, the rest of us must never legitimize him, his party nor his policies. The very balance of us even having an election in four years is now in jeopardy and if we don't stay strong against him we will soon find that republicans will maneuver our democracy from free and open to pay for and closed. Don't doubt me as conservative majority supreme court decisions like Citizen's United and McCutcheon are just the beginning to making our elections a pay for play. Do not sit this out liberal progressives, your actual necks may be on the line.

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