Friday, January 13, 2017

The unraveling of America (#2905)

     When the worst of us is in charge of all of us nothing much good can be expected. Therefore it is with some resignation that I have to conclude that we are all going to feel some awful consequences. Some much more than others since it will be the working middle poor class that is hit hardest. The compassion in our society is drying up and instead in it's place is an arrogance that flaunts it's wealth while dismissing it's effect on everyone else. The next 4 years are going to be the unraveling of what was left good about our society. What honor and trust that was there will be eroded by the narcissism of privilege and advantage.
     When I first understood that on election night the republicans were going to win, I was already in "I am out of here mode". I still want to go somewhere where a society is about all the people and not just about the wealthy but I know I must stay here and be a voice of opposition and recorder of the coming awfulness so that if America does survive the next 4 years we may be ready to finally end the republican party like we should have last year. It will be to our eternal disgrace that we didn't and the proof of that is about to show itself. We did this to ourselves by not working harder to make everyone understand just how terrible republican politics would be to our society.
     There were many forces aligned against us and for now they are the victors but if our democracy survives we will have an opportunity to reverse what is about to happen and then begin again to rebuild a society that can warrant freedom, liberty, community, justice and equality of opportunity as true motto's of our land. However, I am not hopeful our society will survive to keep democracy in it's mind and heart. The forces that would destroy democracy are in control and they plan to wield a heavy ax on the neck of our future and they will surely slip the knife between the ribs of our dreams.

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