Monday, January 30, 2017

Today marks 8 years for this daily blog (#2922)

     I love milestones, yet they are also sad in a way. For two reasons this time. First is because it means I am getting closer to my end and second, because it is after the end of his 2 terms for our last president, Barack Obama. The first one where time has passed and time is closer to it's end is just a momentary reflection whereas the end of President Obama's time has a much deeper sorrowful impact on me. Yes, that's right, I miss President Obama, whom we won't get back, more than I miss the time, I won't get back. It is because our president had brought about civility, decency and an intellectual prowess that exemplified what is best about the human species.
     Sadly, and in a very real depressing way, our current administration led by trump, is about as uncivil, indecent and ignorant as any we have ever had that I know of in the history of our nations past. What we the American working middle class will experience going forward is akin to we having a sleek modern vehicle under President Obama to we now having a old rusty bicycle that has no brakes nor bearings. The times going forward are going to be our latest self induced nightmare that proves to the world that American exceptionalism was a ghost that never existed. We are the living proof that without proper and free education, we will only get worse in our ability to decide our own future.
     Which works out well for republicans as they can now say that we need them to decide for us because we are like children who need to be led for our own benefit. Ironically, republicans are the ones who have allowed our society to collapse in it's overall intelligence factor. So the republicans cause the problem and then come back at us with their solution of them dominating us. It is quite easy to see if we knew how to look at things with objectivity, instead of through our prejudices. So many things to say but I limit my daily blog posts to around 250 words a day. I don't want to fatigue my few readers with rambling observations.

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