Tuesday, January 3, 2017

When poverty is the desired goal (#2895)

     Welcome to the republican party folks. Poverty, disease and ignorance are what the republican party is striving for. How else do you explain taking retirement in the form of social security insurance from the aged and those infirm? How else do you explain taking health care away from more than 20,000,000 people by destroying Obamacare? How else do you explain wanting to dismantle the education department of the United States? If it were just this it would be enough to prove their agenda but there is more! Like denying women the right to make the same wages as men for doing the same job. Like trying to lower the minimum wage and deny over time pay to workers. Like telling women they must bear children even if they are victims of rape and incest.
     I could go on with many other examples of republicans and their strategy to destroy any middle class of note. Especially since they are taking our social programs and cutting them in order to somehow through their greedy pretzel logic justify giving more tax breaks to the wealthy. Income inequality is already at or near record highs, https://www.thebalance.com/income-inequality-in-america-3306190, but that is not enough. Republicans want the wealthy to control all the wealth and resources of our nation. Soon enough the many of us will less than equal as guaranteed by our constitution because the republicans now control all areas of government, including the Supreme Court where the rights of corporations and money are given equal footing with human life.
     For what is left of the shrinking middle class and growing poor class there is poverty and despair on the horizon. What shall we do about it fellow Americans? Soon the consolidation of power by republicans will be complete and the opportunity for us to mount a defense against the raping and pillaging of not only our nation will begin but the raping and pillaging of our economic and social lives. There is a moment in history where enough actually becomes enough and I am convinced that the time for all we American citizens to take a stand against the republican strategy of more wealth for the wealthy and greater poverty for everyone else is at hand.

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