Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why ignorance doesn't breed desperation, "the demigod effect" (#2899)

     When some people feel like they are entitled nothing about anyone else matters. Even the ignorant poor have a sense of condescension toward others. It is a psychological upheaval leading to a consternation for those of us who are affected by it. When the ignorant feel like they can take shortcuts through life and skip having to be responsible for their own thinking and doing then we get what we have now. A society of want to be privileged who demand recognition without having to earn it. The demigod effect is how I think of it. Based in some luck of the draw scenario where those who are born away from the of the worst the world has to offer and think that they are special because of it. That is the genesis. Instead of living life as a humble human being they start out as arrogant.
     Arrogance is a breeding ground for privilege and where any advantage can be obtained the thought of being privileged grows even more. We have some of the poorest people living on the planet in our society yet they think they are better than those who actually strive to improve. It is an upside down illogical way of thinking that helps to justify their cognitive dissonance. It, in their minds, doesn't need to be explained it just is. So instead of looking at their lives and saying to themselves I deserve more and need to work to get it, they look at others and say they don't deserve what they got.
     There is no desperation to their lives so therefore no need to change their existence. What replaces what should be desperation in their lives is instead filled with hatred and loathing. I usually call it fear and then cowardice but it is a much deeper a malady. It is their false understanding that they are special and others are not. More so they do not see themselves as ignorant. They see themselves as intelligent without having to prove it. They see life through their personal prism and anything that is outside that prism is just others trying to take what rightfully belongs to them. I live in the world of reason, analysis and then conclusion, you know, logic. Yet these ignorant ones are above such fancy talk and only subscribe to their own distorted sense of privileged understanding.

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