Tuesday, January 17, 2017

With trump coming in it is back to the underground "black" market (#2909)

     What republicans refuse to understand is that Americans cannot survive on minimum wages. There has to be more to pay for the necessities in life. So many if not most will surely revert to making money under the table to avoid having to give toward taxes. They have little to no choice when the incoming administration is all about cutting wages and reducing taxes on the wealthy. The idea that the wealthy need a bigger tax cut while the working poor are getting less is unbelievable to me and has always been so. But that is the republican ideology. Make work hard to find for most and pay them little to do it when they find it.
     Republicans say that cutting taxes on the wealthy will create jobs but for 35 years we have seen no evidence of it. Instead we see evidence of less jobs available because the wealthy with their tax cuts don't need to create and expand industry, manufacturing and retail when they are making more money by paying less in taxes. Republicans do not get it or if they do get it they are lying about it. My best guess it is both, with them knowing and lying as the greater probability. Either way whether they know or don't, they are wrong and we American majority working middle poor class will be the ones punished for it.
     So the "black" market will revive and an underground economy will expand so that although the federal republican administration will do it's harm, the black market will help to offset it. All the while the federal and state governments will receive less in revenue creating shortfalls in funds needed for necessary public programs. That seems to be the logical progression of the strategy of republicans, which will entail the killing off of the weakest among us as the price. Such a harsh and brutish fate we face and it is because the ignorant majority among us refuses to believe that being good and having public programs that benefit all of society is better than a survival of the fittest paradigm. We are a sad lot here in America!

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