Sunday, January 22, 2017

Yesterday was a magnificent day of national protests (#2914)

     We all should be aware by now that trump is more of a dictatorial mindset than a democratic one. So naturally many of we Americans decided to have protests all over the country aimed at denouncing the disparage to women in our democracy by republicans. To say that it was a rousing success would be to understate it. First and foremost the attendance at these protests were the largest gathering of angry protesters our nation has ever seen, But even more important is the salve it provided to a majority of our nations voters who were devastated by the election results 2 months ago.
     The degree of goodwill that emanated from these marches was palpable. I felt my hope return that we can salvage the living democracy our nation was founded upon. Despite the denial that republican leadership, especially trump, exhibited in the wake of the rallies, we are being energized by the will to squash the cruel agenda the republican party has planned for our working middle poor class. We will not sit idly by and let them take our dignity and respect. Yesterday's marches was a magnificent shot across the bow of the invaders to democracy wearing republican clothes. There will be no hiding their agenda when so many of us are up in arms ready to fight them.
     The deceptive subtly republicans employed in conning too many of us before the voting will not sail now. We are on to them and their attempts to bully us is now laughable. They are supposed to be our elected representatives yet instead they act like they own us. The worst of the disease of insatiable power has afflicted them and we now have the cure for it. We will stand up and not let them lie, cheat and steal our democracy so that they can rape and pillage our society. Yesterday was a magnificent day and a day no one should forget in the ongoing battle against republicans to destroy our democracy!

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